SnowMobiling FAQS

Q:  Which towns and ski areas do you offer tours in?

A:  We offer Snowmobiling in the heart of Gulmarg starting from Gondola station to Khilenmarg,Mary shoulder,Sunshine peak base,Paper trees, First phase Kongdoor medows.

Q:  How old do guests have to be in order to drive their own snowmobile?

A:  We require that drivers be 15 years of age (with a valid learner’s permit) or older in order to drive their own snowmobile.  Drivers must be 18 years of age or older in order to carry a passenger.

Q:  What is the minimum age for children to go snowmobiling?

A:  We require that children be age 5 or higher in order to ride as passengers.  All children (and adult passengers) are seated on the snowmobile behind the driver. For safety purposes, it is required that they be able to hold on to the driver’s waist or the snowmobile’s passenger seat handlebars.

Q:  How many people can ride on each snowmobile?

A:  For the safety of our guests, we have a maximum of 2 people per snowmobile (driver and passenger) regardless of age.

Q:  What equipment is provided, and what should we bring with us on our tour?

A:  We provide top of the line snowmobiles, helmets.  Guests should bring their own ski goggles or sunglasses for eye protection as well as a warm pair of gloves or mittens.  We also highly recommend that you bring sunscreen, a neck gaitor, and your camera!

Q:  We would like to drive ourselves.  How early should we arrive for our tour?

A:  We request that all guests who provide their transportation arrive 1/2 hour prior to their snowmobile tour’s departure time.

Q:  Do your tours require reservations

A:  We highly recommend them!  Our snowmobile tours are the most popular in the area and as a result, we have an extremely high guest demand for them.  Please call in advance for reservations.  Even if you’re for a same day tour, our friendly reservations staff can accommodate your needs.

Q:  What sort of safety training do your guides have?

A:  Our snowmobiling guides are the best in the business, with years of snowmobiling experience in Gulmarg and Medical and rescue facility available in Gulmarg ,IT IS SAFE.

Q:  I’ve never been Snowmobiling before.  Do you have a tour that’s right for me?

A:  YESSS !  Many of our guests are going Snowmobiling for the first time.

 We’ll provide you with a tutorial covering the operation of your snowmobile and allow you some practice time with it prior to your tour’s departure.  Call our friendly reservations staff and we’ll help you choose the tour that’s right for you based on your desired level of adventure and your location.


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