Prepare For Your Skiing Trip To Gulmarg

How do I get to Gulmarg?

To reach Gulmarg during the skiing season, you need to fly to Srinagar. Most major Indian airlines have daily flights from Delhi to Srinagar.

From Srinagar airport, our vehicles will pick you up and drive you to Gulmarg. The distance is approximately 50Kms. The drive time is roughly 2.5 to 3 hours. During the drive, you can stop at Tanmarg for a Kashmiri Lunch. Our trip coordinators and drivers will advice you of the best places to stop for lunch.

After crossing Tanmarg, you will drive through a beautiful snow covered terrain which offers some splendid photography opportunities.

What are the weather conditions like?

During the snow season (January to March), it is very cold. Night time temperatures can drop to as low as -10 to -15 degrees centigrade. Day time temperatures range from -1 to 5 degrees on the slopes.

Be adequately prepared to handle these temperatures.

What are the stay options?

Gulmarg offers everything from the budget accommodation to 5 star resorts and everything in between.

On our fixed departures we stay at a beautiful resort, by the Gulmarg Gondola, which offers all facilities for a very comfortable stay.

You have an option of upgrading your stay to 3 star / 5 star resorts by paying an upgrade fee.

On customized trips, you can choose your stay options. Our expert team will advice you about the best stay options.

We do not provide budget accommodation in Gulmarg on any of our trips.

Are the rooms comfortable?

The resorts selected on our fixed departures are very clean, have heated rooms, electric blankets in the rooms, running hot and cold water, a multi-cuisine restaurant serving delicious food and a ski lounge which is the cultural hub of Gulmarg during the skiing season.

So in short, the room & the resort is very comfortable.

For customized trips, we will be happy to give you options ranging from comfortable to luxury.

What kind of food do you get in Gulmarg?

Our packages include breakfast only. For the remaining meals you are free to try out Kashmiri, continental, Indian and Chinese cuisines. Our trip coordinators will advice you of some the best places for each of these cuisines in Gulmarg.

What do I need to carry for the trip?


Heavy jacket which is preferably waterproof, sunscreen, shades, a cap/hat, long socks/body hugging lowers (ankle length socks let ski boots come in contact with your skin and can be irritating on bare skin and give a rash), carry as many pairs of socks as you can to keep your feet dry at all times, lowers - preferably quick dry ones and wide enough to wear over ski boots (this will ensure that snow doesn't get into your boots), if you have a pair of waterproof gloves, carry them along (otherwise you'll get them from there), carry 2 copies of any one ID - you may not need it, but always good to have a copy.: 

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What about skiing equipment?

We will provide all the required skiing equipment like skis, poles and skiing boots.

We have equipment for children as well, so you don’t need to worry about that either.

How safe is it?

We have been running our skiing trips for several years now and have faced no problems yet. However, Kashmir is a sensitive area and there can be issues in Srinagar and a few areas around. However, Gulmarg remains safe. 

That said, do check up on the current situation before you head to Gulmarg.

For skiing safety on the slopes, we provide 1 instructor per person. This not only ensures that you are safe on the slopes, but also that your learning is the maximum possible.

How many people usually join a fixed departure?

The minimum required group size for a fixed departure is 4. We can customize a trip for any group size.

What is the typical age of gomissing travelers?

Typically 25 to 45 years of age.

We do not have any age restrictions and have had people from all age groups join our trips.

Our skiing trips are ideal for families with children over 5 years of age.

What about electricity, mobile connectivity?

Electricity is available at all our partner resorts. Usually there is minimal power failure in Gulmarg.

Mobile networks are available. Only post paid mobile connections work in Gulmarg (and all of Jammu & Kashmir).

Some of our partner resorts have wi-fi connectivity (our fixed departures ones have wi-fi). At some places this facility is offered free, while there may be a nominal charge at others. 

I’m a last minute person. Can I book late?

At the last minute, flight prices will go up and so will the resort booking prices, consequently, trip prices will be higher.

To save money and ensure that you’re not hassled, book in advance.

I love photography. What equipment do I need for clicking action pictures on the snow?

For action photography, you need a fast lens and a DSLR camera.

Lenses Most fast lenses (f2.8 to f4) will be good for action photography.

Camera tip

Ensure that you do not keep your camera under your jacket, close to your body. Doing that subjects the camera to changes in temperature (warm near your body and cold outside) and will leave water droplets on the sensor and lens. Once you’re out on the slopes, let the camera be out as well. Once you get back to the resort, clean it gently and store it in your camera case.

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