We take the safety very seriously, and our guide will brief you before each safari departure. But you can already read the instructions bellow, so once you will be enjoying a snowmobile safari with us, this will be a bit familiar for you.

The driver of snowmobile has to be at least 18 years old and in possession of a valid driving license. Children under 15 year of age will travel in a sledge pulled by guide’s snowmobile.

For your own safety, and safety of others, driving a snowmobile under the influence of alcohol or any other narcotics is prohibited by Finnish law.

On the safari we are driving 2 persons per snowmobile or as a supplement single. We are always driving in a one line and one line only. The guide is driving in front and you are following behind keeping all the time at least 20 metres safety distance between the machines. This is so you have time to react in case of an emergency with the snowmobile in front of you. It is totally prohibited to drive side by side, overtake other machines, or make unnecessary curving or speeding up. When we are driving you can’t hear anything else than the sound of the engine and that is why we need to communicate by hand signals.

When your guide shows you a hand signal, please repeat it so that everybody in the line knows what’s going on.


RAISING LEFT HAND means PREPARE TO STOP! It might take 20 metres or 50 metres but soon we are going to stop. When you see this signal, park your snowmobile as close as possible to the snow-mobile in front of you so that a tight line is achieved.

LEFT HAND UP AND DOWN means LET’S GO! WAVING LEFT HAND means ATTENTION, SLOW DOWN! There might be big bump, a tight curve, some incoming traffic or maybe a reindeer on a track so slow down and pay extra attention in front of you.

Sign which only GUIDES ARE USING: CROSSING THEIR HANDS means STAY ON THE MACHINE, DON’T MOVE ANYWHERE! It might be a case that the guide needs to go back to check the situation or help somebody who is got stuck. If you have any problems during the snowmobile safari just raise-up your left hand and park your ma-chine. Guide will come to your assistance.

The driver sits on the front seat and has control of the vehicle. Try to find a comfortable position, not too far or close to the handlebar.

The passenger sits behind the driver taking a good grip from the sides. All the time keep your legs inside the foot rail. The snowmobile is an easy vehicle to handle. The engine is fully automatic and you only need to use the accelerator and brake to control the speed.

Under your right thumb you will find the accelerator/Gas and under you left hand brake. Please do not use the accelerator and brake at the same time because it will damage the engine. The red button on top of the handlebar is kill switch. When you press it down it will stop the engine. Steering the machine is happening with the handlebar and most important with your body weight. If you are turning to right, you turn the handlebar to right and put your body weight to the inner curve and same way to the left.

Please do not try to start the engine yourself; experienced safari guides will always do that for you!

In case of an accident your guide has a cell-phone to call for help and also safety and evacuation map and instructions. From the guide’s backpack you will find First-Aid kit. Please ensure that you respect our countryside and nature, and remember to dispose of your rubbish in a responsible manner. Please note the guides are obliged to stop the safari every time they see a driver acting irresponsibly with the snowmobile.

The guides are responsible for the group and are authorized to stop the safari if a participant is seen as a potential danger to him/herself or to other participants, or if someone is in poor health.

As a customer oriented company we are interested in improving our services. Please fill in our customer questionnaire and return the completed form to the comment box or to the staff. Your opinions are very important to us.

Feel the spirit of Lapland and Nature!


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