If you've never been skiing before or you're a beginner skier, you may not know where to go to skiing, what to wear, or even where to start.


Gulmarg ski resorts offer trails for beginners, there's no need to head out to an expert ski point for your first time skiing - we have a beginner ski resort, it's probably fine. As long as the resort has plenty of terrain that's suitable for beginners, your first time skiing should be enjoyable.



5 top tips to remember

  • As a beginner, don't try to organise a ski holiday yourself - you won't have a clue what kind of accommodation to book. It's much better to put yourself into the hands of a specialist tour operator, and buy a travel and accommodation package. The tour operators also have reps on hand in the resort to help you through the confusion of the first two or three days.
  • Stay in a catered chalet if you can. Catered chalets are mountain houses or apartments offering guest bedrooms and communal dining, laid on by the tour operator's staff. The atmosphere is usually bright and sociable, and you can pick up lots of advice from the staff and your fellow guests.
  • Always, always get professional ski tuition if you are a beginner. Never let your friends teach you. Before long they'll get bored and drag you down something terrifying.
  • When thinking about beginners skiing tuition, do an internet search to see if there is a British ski school in your resort (of course, not necessary in North America). Book it separately from the rest of your holiday if you find one.
  • Buy as little as you can for your first ski trip. These days you can even rent your ski clothing.


Learning to ski
Before you even set foot on the snow the first thing to do is to get fit. Concentrate on your cardio-vascular fitness, your legs and your core strength before you leave. Running and cycling are good ways to prepare, so too are sit-ups and squats. If you can find the time it's also worth paying a visit to one of the UK's indoor ski slopes where you can set foot on real snow. Alternatively there are lots of 'dry' slopes where you can get a head start before you head to the mountains.


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